High Morlaggan 2011 Excavation Report, by Roddy Regan

The Data Structure Report from the 2011 dig can be downloaded here. This report will give you a background to the project, and look at what was found during the excavations. It also lists every artefact that was found along with a brief description.

High Morlaggan Ceramic Resource Disc

A ceramic resource disc is a comprehensive list and brief description of the different types and makes of pottery that were unearthed at High Morlaggan. It was developed by George Haggarty, Research Associate from the National Museums Scotland. It gives an extrordinary insight into the types of crockery imported and used by the families at Morlaggan. Below, please download specific topics of ceramic interest:


Specialist Reports

The project was fortunate enough to have the funds to commission a range of specialists to analyse some of the artefacts found during the digs.  These reports have some interpretation and some technical analysis. They will be used now, and in the future, to understand the development of rural settlements in the 18th and 19th centuries in Scotland and to help us develop a better picture of what life used to be like at Morlaggan.

Download the reports here: