1501 Duncan MacConochie, supported by Robert Colquhoun, prepared to defend his right to Morlagang and Cullochquhoun (Coille Chorran?) in court

1514 Dugal McCoull renounces his right to Morlagang and Cullochpirrie/Cullochquhere (Coille Chorran?), and these return to John McFarlane

1583-1596 Murlagan’ marked on Pont’s map

1586 Murlagan (20/-)given as liferent to Susanna  Buchquhenan on marriage to John McFarlane

1500s Drove routes in use

1616 20/- land of Murlagan given as liferent to Margaret Sempill on marriage to Walter McFarlane

1659 Parish of Arrochar disjoined from Luss

1659 20/- land of Murlagan given as liferent to Anna Campbell on marriage to John McFarlane

1706 Robert McFarlane at Murlagan

1708 Robert McFarlane of Murlagan paid rental of 1 wadder  and 1 boll of seed corn

1736ish Lands of Arrochar briefly owned by Duke of Montrose, but later returned to McFarlanes

1745 ‘Murelagan’ marked on Edgar’s map

1750 ‘Murlichan’ marked on Roy’s map

1755-1791 Population of Arrochar fell due to amalgamation of farms after the introduction of sheep

1771-1810 ‘Marlacan’ marked on Langland’s map

1773 ‘Muirlagan’ marked on Kitchen’s map

1777 Road marked on Ross’s map along Loch Long

1782 Andrew Munro born at Murlagan

1784 McFarlane lands sold to Ferguson of Raith included Muirlagan

1787 Duke of Argyll’s road down Loch Long turnpiked

1791-1831 Population of Arrochar increased due to division of land

1795 Nancy Agnes McFarlane born at Murlagan

1814 At least 4 tenants at Murlagan

1815 Tynalarach and Murlagan pasture for 600 sheep

1818 Wood’s map marks ‘Morelaggan Toll’ beside road

1821 Sale of lands to Luss Estates

1836 Murlagan valued at £165 16s 4 9/14d

1838 Feu duties paid by Paterson at Murelaggan

1850 MacIntyre had an illicit still at Morlaggan

1860 1st edition OS map marks 5 roofed buildings and a head dyke at ‘High Morlaggan’. OS name book says a shepherd lived at High Morlaggan

1862 ‘Murligan’ marked on Black’s map

1875 Joseph Noel Paton visits Upper Morelaggan

1876 Painting of ‘Upper Morelaggan’ by Waller Paton

1881 2 buildings occupied at High Morelaggan

1890-1900 Railway built

1890 Charles Carlton from Craggan charged with assault and robbery of Thomas Sloan from Morlaggan

1896 3 roofed buildings on 2nd edition OS map

1907 2 roofed buildings on 3rd edition OS map

1916 Last mention of High Morelaggan (in Helensburgh Directory)